Sadr Criticizes Groups Behind Recent Political Violence in Iraq
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Sadr Criticizes Groups Behind Recent Political Violence in Iraq

ERBIL — Iraq's Shia cleric and the leader of Sadrist Movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, has criticized the militias behind the recent increasing political violence in the country, calling on security forces to find the perpetrators and hold them accountable.

Sadr's statement came after the office of Shakhawan Abdullah, the Kurdish deputy speaker of the Iraqi parliament, was attacked with a grenade in Kirkuk on Wednesday night. The blast did not cause any casualties but resulted in minor material damage.

The influential cleric, whose Sadrist Movement has emerged victorious in the last parliamentary elections, said the repeated attacks targeting political figures and their offices were believed to be by the factions who lost in the general votes.

He urged the "wise men of these factions" to prevent their parties from committing violations that could harm the political process and reputation of Iraq.

The statement indirectly put the blame on the factions united within the Iran-backed Shia groups of "Coordination Framework".

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