PM Barzani, Swiss Ambassador Discuss KRG Reforms, Foreign Investments
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PM Barzani, Swiss Ambassador Discuss KRG Reforms, Foreign Investments

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Wednesday received the Swiss Ambassador to Iraq and Jordan, Lukas Gasser, with whom he discussed the ongoing reforms within his cabinet.

A press release by PM Barzani's office said the sides shed light on various topics, including the ongoing efforts to form a new Iraqi government and foreign investments in the Kurdistan Region.

"Prime Minister Barzani highlighted the ninth cabinet’s efforts in Baghdad to assist with the formation of government, as well as progress with KRG’s reform agenda toward economic diversification," the press release added.

Ambassador Gasser expressed gratitude to the KRG for its cooperation and support to the Swiss embassy, reiterating his country’s readiness to develop bilateral relations with the Kurdistan Region and encourage investments in the region.

The Kurdish prime minister, according to the press release, also welcomed Switzerland sharing its expertise to help develop the Kurdistan Region.

PM Barzani said in a statement published on his official Facebook feed: "Pleased to receive Lukas Gasser, the Swiss Ambassador to Iraq and Jordan. We discussed developments in Iraq and the efforts to form the new Iraqi cabinet."

"We agreed on more cooperation across sectors, particularly in support of our reform efforts to diversify the economy and provide a better life for Kurdistanis," he added.

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