Iraq's Federal Court Postpones Decision on First Parliamentary Session
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Iraq's Federal Court Postpones Decision on First Parliamentary Session

ERBIL — The Federal Supreme Court of Iraq on Wednesday postponed ruling on the first session of the newly-elected parliament of the country.

MP Mahmoud Mashhadani and MP Basim Khashan have filed a lawsuit claiming that legal and constitutional violations were committed during the first session on January 9 when Muhammed al-Halbousi was re-elected as the parliament speaker.

On January 13, the court suspended the parliament presidency and it was expected to make a decision on the lawsuit. However, the decision has been postponed as the plaintiffs failed to provide evidences during today's session.

Meanwhile, the Federal Supreme Court has made it clear that the legal procedures with regards to the lawsuit would not interrupt the process or affect the deadlines set by the constitution for the election of a new president and formation of a new government.

During the parliament's first session, Muhammed al-Halbousi, the leader of Taqadum Coalition, was re-elected as speaker while Hakim Zamili from the Shia Sadrist Movement and Shakhawan Abdullah from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) were elected first and second deputies.

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