Iraqi Forces Capture 11 IS Members in Separate Operations
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Iraqi Forces Capture 11 IS Members in Separate Operations

ERBIL — Iraqi security forces have captured 11 members of the Islamic State (IS) in separate operations, a military official said on Thursday.

Major General Yehia Rasoul, a spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, confirmed in a statement that seven of the jihadists were captured in the province of Anbar during an operation by the Counter-Terrorism Service.

According to Rasoul, two more insurgents in Kirkuk, one in Salahaddin, and another in Diyala provinces were also captured.

The Security Media Cell announced Thursday that a terrorist den containing explosive materials had been seized in Anbar.

"The intelligence Agency, in a proactive operation based on the confessions of one of the terrorists previously arrested, was able to seize one of the important terrorist dens that was a central point for the movement of terrorists between the Dhabaa and Jalabat areas south of Al-Rutbah," SMC said in a statement.

"The den seized contained six explosive devices and (11) detonators, a rifle, food and medical supplies," SMC said, adding that "the materials were detonated in the meantime by the engineering effort."

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