Kurdistan’s Disputes with Regimes Should Not Lead to Hostility with Other Peoples: Barzani
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Kurdistan’s Disputes with Regimes Should Not Lead to Hostility with Other Peoples: Barzani

ERBIL — Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, the President of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), reaffirmed that the disputes between Kurdistan and other regimes over the rights of Kurds, should not lead to hostility between the nations. 

Barzani made the remarks at the first Kurdish Diaspora Conference held in Erbil in the presence of dozens of senior Kurdish officials, including Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, and many representatives of Kurdish communities abroad.  

“We see the Kurdish diaspora population as a very important national asset. You can play a significant role in supporting your people. You can reorganize yourselves and lobby for people’s cause,” Barzani said while delivering a speech. 

He also emphasized that the Kurdish question needs to be addressed through peaceful means in all parts of the greater Kurdistan. “The Kurds have never attacked anyone… but it has always been ready, and will remain ready, to defend its very existence,” Barzani added. 

The Kurdish leader encouraged his people in the diaspora and at home to preserve and promote the culture of peaceful coexistence between different ethnic and religious components of Kurdistan. 

For those living abroad, Barzani said they should respect the laws and rules of their host communities and represent the Kurdish nation with commitment to progress and education. 

He also stressed that the Kurdish families in diaspora should educate their children in the Kurdish language, history, and national identity so the bonds with home will remain strong. 

Making friends outside, among diaspora communities of other nations and the host communities, was another suggestion the Kurdish leader made at the conference, stressing that “friends” can help gain more support for the Kurdish cause. 

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