IS Attacks: US Reiterates Support for Peshmerga, UN Calls for Stronger Security Coordination
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IS Attacks: US Reiterates Support for Peshmerga, UN Calls for Stronger Security Coordination

ERBIL — The United States and United Nations have condemned the recent Islamic State (IS) attacks against the Peshmerga forces and civilians in disputed Kurdish areas which left nearly 13 people killed. 

US State Department offered condolences in an official statement on Friday and said it was “deeply concerned by the continued escalation of ISIS attacks throughout Iraq, including the attack yesterday in Makhmour district that took the lives of 10 Peshmerga and three civilians.”

The statement reiterated Washington’s commitment to supporting the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi Army “as they continue the fight against ISIS to ensure its enduring defeat.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) condemned the attack and reminded that close security coordination and cooperation between Erbil, Baghdad, and the international partners is necessary for the ongoing war against terrorism. 

“Our sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones in last night's heinous attack in Makhmour; we wish the injured a full and speedy recovery. Strengthened security coordination and cooperation are essential in the ongoing fight against terrorism,” reads the statement by UNAMI. 

On Thursday night, IS militants attacked a Kurdish village near Makhmour, southwest of Erbil, killing three civilians. 

Later the same night, Peshmerga forces launched an operation to clear the area from the insurgents. During the operation, an explosive device planted by IS hit a Peshmerga vehicle, killing five Kurdish fighters. 

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