Kurdish Woman Drowned in English Channel Attempting to Reunite with Fiancé
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Kurdish Woman Drowned in English Channel Attempting to Reunite with Fiancé

ERBIL — A young Kurdish woman is the first identified victim of Wednesday’s tragedy in the English Channel where 27 migrants died attempting to reach the UK.

Baran Nuri Hamadamin, 24, was attempting to join her Fiancé in the UK when her inflatable boat sank into the sea off the northern French coast. 

Baran was from Dargala village, Erbil province of the Kurdistan Region. Her family confirmed that she was with a relative traveling to Italy, Germany, France, and hoping to reach the UK on Wednesday night. 

Baran Nouri Hamadamin was trying to reach the UK to join her fiance

Her Fiancé is said to be a Kurdish man with British citizenship. However, the reason why Baran attempted to reach the UK illegally is not clear. 

Her Fiancé told the BBC that Baran’s arrival was planned to be a surprise. 

The couple was engaged earlier this year. Baran left her home on November 2 to embark on a risky journey. 

There were only two survivors - an Iraqi and a Somali. The disaster marked the biggest loss of life by drowning in the Channel in many years. 

Reports from Calais say the two survivors of Wednesday's sinking have been discharged from hospital and are due to be questioned about how many people were on the boat.

Baran Nouri Hamadamin's family are in shock at her death

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