Iraqi YouTuber Hangs Himself after Beloved Marries Another Man
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Iraqi YouTuber Hangs Himself after Beloved Marries Another Man

ERBIL — A famous Iraqi YouTuber hanged himself on Tuesday after his beloved married another man, reports said. 

Eighteen-year-old Hamoudi Mouli was a well-known Iraqi YouTuber from Nasiriyyah who had thousands of followers for recreating love songs with a group of friends. 

Many Arabic-language news agencies in Iraq and around the region had previously covered Mouli’s influence on Iraqi social media. 

Media reports said the young Iraqi YouTuber was in love with a girl who married earlier this week and shocked Mouli. 

Heartbroken Mouli reportedly did not resist the emotional pressure and he was found hanged only days after the marriage of the girl. It was not known if they were in any sort of formal relationship. 

It is a common custom in Iraq for men and women to marry early. However, the age of Mouli’s lost beloved is not known due to social sensitivity on such issues. 

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