Iraqi Hezbollah to UN Envoy: All together Either in Peace or War
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Iraqi Hezbollah to UN Envoy: All together Either in Peace or War

ERBIL — In a message sent out to the UN envoy in Iraq, the leader of Iran-backed Shia militia group of Kataib Hezbollah has warned the all Iraqis will be either in peace or in war together. 

The statement came after the meeting of Shia Cooperation Framework where militia groups discussed the latest developments in Iraq, especially Muqtada al-Sadr’s call for dissolution of the Shia militias. 

Abu Hassan Hamedawi said “your plan for marginalizing an effective group in the Iraqi society will fail.”

He also stated that “the wise [leaders]” will prevent a civil war wished by others, which seemingly referred to the UN and Western representatives. 

“If an internal war is started in Iraq, the fire of the war will first burn the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Therefore, either all will enjoy stability and peace or all will be deprived,” Hamedawi added. 

He said the message was “official and responsible”. 

Earlier on Friday, hours after Sadr’s call for dissolution of some of the militia groups, commander of Kata'ib Sayyid al-Shuhada announced that his militia group had decided to accept applications for new recruitment. 

He said his group was preparing to face the US combat forces if they refuse to leave Iraq after 31 December as it was agreed by Baghdad and Washington earlier this year during the fourth round of the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue. 

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