Iraq’s Health Ministry Warns of Fourth Wave of COVID-19
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Iraq’s Health Ministry Warns of Fourth Wave of COVID-19

ERBIL — The Health Ministry of Iraqi on Monday warned of the fourth wave of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, Spokesperson Sayf Badr said.

Speaking to BasNews, Badr said the fourth wave has already arrived in the neighboring countries, and it is expected to hit Iraq in the upcoming weeks.

He explained that, similar to the previous waves, the fourth one is likely to sharply raise the infection and fatality rates within weeks, which can further challenge the health sector of Iraq.

The ministry spokesperson emphasized that the best way to combat the spread remains public commitment to the health guideline and mass vaccination of the people.

As of October 26, 2021, Iraq has recorded over 2.05 million infections with nearly 23,000 deaths.

With 8.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines so far administered across Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region, a total of 3.25 million people have so far been fully vaccinated.

Many people in Iraq are still skeptical about the vaccines, and this has left the authorities with challenges to encourage the population to register for the jab.

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