Iraq's Electoral Commission Accepts 22 Additional Complaints
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Iraq's Electoral Commission Accepts 22 Additional Complaints

It rejected 461 complaints out of 483

ERBIL — Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced on Monday that it had accepted 22 additional complaints related to the results of the recent parliamentary elections while hundreds of others were rejected.

The electoral commission explained that out of 483, it rejected 461 complaints because there were no evidences attached, noting that ballots from 297 stations will be manually recounted in a number of provinces, starting on the upcoming Wednesday.

The stations are said to be in the provinces of Diyala, Nineveh, Maysan, Karbala, Kirkuk, Dhi Qar, Anbar, Qadisiya, Salahaddin, Muthanna, Basra, and Babil.

The IHEC said on Sunday that nearly 300 stations will be opened for manual recounting based on the appeals submitted to the electoral commission.

A member of the media team of the Commission, Imad Jamil, said in a statement, "816 appeals were completed, 790 of which were rejected, and the accepted number reached 26, and these are the appeals that were accepted supported by evidence and documents, so nearly 300 stations will be opened."

On Friday, the commission pointed out that out of 295 complaints, only one complaint was accepted.

The Sadrist Movement has secured 73 seats of the parliament while other pro-Iran Shia parties have lost the majority of their seats, rejecting the results of the elections and demanding a manual recount of the ballots from all stations across the country.

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