Iraq Says over 37,000 IDP Families still in Kurdistan Camps
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Iraq Says over 37,000 IDP Families still in Kurdistan Camps

ERBIL — Iraq's Ministry of Migration and Displacement revealed on Monday that more than 37,000 internally displaced persons (IDP) families are still base in the camps of Kurdistan Region.

Acting Minister of Migration and Displacement Karim Nouri pointed out in a statement that 39,214 IDP families are currently based in different camps in the Kurdistan Region and provinces of Anbar and Nineveh.

He explained that 37,113 of those IDP families, consisting of 165,952 individuals, are in the camps of Kurdistan Region.

The Iraqi federal government has so far made facilitations for the return of 134,000 IDP families to their places of origin.

After the Islamic State (IS) attacked Iraq in 2014, the Kurdistan Region began to receive nearly two million IDPs and Syrian refugees, being praised by the world countries for hosting such a large number of displaced people while fighting the jihadist group simultaneously.

The majority of the IDPs who have not returned to their hometowns believe that they would not find a safe environment to live to due to instability in their areas and lack of public services.

In some cases, part of the IDPs have once again returned to the camps in the Kurdistan Region after they found poor living conditions in their hometowns.

Hoshang Mohammed, an official from Kurdistan Region's Interior Ministry, told BasNews earlier in August that although the Iraqi government had taken some steps to facilitate the return of the IDPs based in the Kurdistan Region to return their areas of origin, the displaced families have refused to leave the camps, more are returning to the camps instead.

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