EU Joins UNSC in Deploring Threat of Violence Against Iraq's IHEC
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EU Joins UNSC in Deploring Threat of Violence Against Iraq's IHEC

ERBIL — The European Union said on Saturday that it would join the United Nations Security Council in deploring the recent threats of violence against the personnel of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC).

This comes as supporters of pro-Iran Shia parties have continued to reject the results of the parliamentary elections held on October 10, protesting the results and demanding a manual recount of the ballots from all the polling stations across the country.

Moreover, some armed Shia militias have already warned of military actions if their demands are not addressed, while the staff of the IHEC in the province of Maysan on Thursday received death threats from unidentified armed men.

"Such violent manifestations have no place in a democracy. The EU recalls that voting on election day was largely peaceful, orderly and well-organised, and voters were able to freely express their will, as assessed by the EU Election Observation Mission, which the EU deployed in the country for the first time ever, upon a request from Iraqi authorities," an EU statement said.

"Any elections-related appeal or complaint should be addressed through existing legal procedures. It is crucial that all parties use these legal means to address any grievances they may have over the outcome of the polls."

The latest snap election was held as it was one of the major demands by the Iraqi protesters who first took to the streets in October 2019 and remained in the streets for months, during which hundreds of protesters and security personnel were killed and more than 25,000 others were wounded.

The EU further said that it "looks forward to working closely with the next Iraqi government in the implementation of urgently needed reforms, as demanded by the Iraqi people."

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