Iraqi Elections: Protesters Gather near Green Zone
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Iraqi Elections: Protesters Gather near Green Zone

ERBIL — Supporters of the pro-Iran Shia parties, who have been protesting against the results of the parliamentary elections, gathered on Saturday evening near the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, a source revealed.

The demonstrators had reached the first wall of the suspension bridge, which is one of the entrances to the Green Zone where the government's offices and diplomatic buildings of foreign countries are located, the source told Shafaq News.

Earlier on Thursday, hundreds of Iraqi demonstrators were reported to have set up sit-in tents near the Green Zone, as they continue to demand a manual recount of the ballots from all of the polling stations across the country.

The protesters a day earlier demanded a trial to be held for the head and members of the Board of Commissioners.

A committee for the demonstrations said in a statement on Wednesday that "the head and members of the Board of Commissioners should be submitted to the judiciary to be tried and receive their just punishment for the legal violations they’ve committed."

Supporters of pro-Iran Shia parties took to the streets in different cities of Iraq to protest the results of the parliamentary elections. They pitched sit-in tents near the headquarters of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC).

However, the electoral commission announced on Thursday that it had rejected a total of 174 complaints regarding the results of the elections while seven complaints have been accepted.

It also said on Saturday that out of 295, the commission rejected 294 additional complaints, explaining that there were not evidences attached or the polling stations where the alleged irregularities had taken place were not specified.

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