Iraqi Forces Capture IS Family on Syrian Border
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Iraqi Forces Capture IS Family on Syrian Border

ERBIL — Iraqi security forces on Saturday managed to capture an Islamic State (IS) family on the border areas between Iraq and Syria, an official statement has confirmed.

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that the detachments of the military intelligence managed to capture the IS family in Nineveh province before they could cross the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

A joint force of military intelligence and ground forces ambushed the jihadists who were reportedly a family of seven members lived in the province of Anbar.

They were handed over to the relevant authorities to take legal measures against them, according to the statement.

This comes as the Islamic State still poses a great threat to the security forces and civilians in most parts of Iraq, particularly in the disputed areas, despite the fact that Baghdad announced the jihadist group as "fully defeated" in 2017.

On Wednesday, Iraqi security forces announced the capture of a senior IS member, with Othman Al-Ghanimi, the Minister of Interior, confirming the report but did not elaborate where he was captured.

"We congratulate the heroes of the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior for their distinguished efforts in pursuing terrorist elements, and today they are dealing a new blow to ISIS," Ghanimi said in a statement, identifying the jihadist as Karim Abdullah Maleh, who was working as a battalion commander in the IS, and pointing out that "the detainee is responsible for a number of criminal operations."

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