Iraqi Electoral Commission Rejects 294 Complaints out of 295: Statement
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Iraqi Electoral Commission Rejects 294 Complaints out of 295: Statement

ERBIL — Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission reviewed 295 more complaints filed with regards to the parliamentary elections, rejecting 294 immediately.

The commission said in a statement on Friday that the 294 complaints were rejected because there were no evidences attached or the polling stations where the alleged irregularities had taken place were not specified.

Among all, only one complaint from Kirkuk was accepted, the commission said, revealing that they will manually recount the ballots at the polling station in question.

According to the statement, the competing candidates in the relevant constituency will be present during the manual recounting of the votes to ensure the reliability of the results.

Earlier on Thursday, the Electoral Commission had rejected other 174 complaints for similar reasons. In an official statement, the commission said two complaints from the capital Baghdad, three from Ninevah, one from Basra provinces, and another from Erbil had been accepted for revision.

Most of the complaints are said to be filed by the factions close to the Iran-backed Shia militias of Hashd al-Shaabi, who performed remarkably low during the elections.

The factions have been encouraging their supporters since the initial election result announcements to take to the streets and protest the performance of the Electoral Commission, which they accuse of fraud.

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