Iraqi Forces Capture Senior 'Terrorist' in Ninevah
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Iraqi Forces Capture Senior 'Terrorist' in Ninevah

ERBIL — Iraqi security forces on Thursday managed to capture a senior "terrorist" in the province of Ninevah who had been on the wanted list, an official statement has confirmed.

The Iraqi military intelligence agency said in a statement that the suspect was reportedly responsible for smuggling Islamic State (IS) families from Syria's al-Hol camp to Iraq.

The capture came after the Intelligence Division of the 20th Division in West Nineveh Operations Command confirmed the presence of a wanted man in the al-Jaghifi area in Sinjar district, west of Nineveh province, the agency further explained.

He has also been accused of forging documents, according to the statement, noting that the 'terrorist' was captured after the security forces set up an ambush for him.

Tens of thousands of Iraqi nationals are among the families of IS fighters held in Syria's al-Hol camp.

Earlier in September this year, authorities in Iraq repatriated 55 members of families of IS fighters who had been based in al-Hol camp located in northeast of Syria.

The 55 individuals, who are said to be women and children of IS fighters, crossed the Iraqi borders at Rabia district in Nineveh province.

According to available statistics,
al-Hol camp is home to 16,404 families, with a number of 60,351 members, including 8,256 Iraqi families, estimated at 30,738 people, and 5,619 Syrian families, consisting of 21,058 members, and about 2,529 foreign families, estimated at 8,555 people.

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