Armed Groups Send Death Threats to Staff of Iraq's IHEC
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Armed Groups Send Death Threats to Staff of Iraq's IHEC

ERBIL — Unidentified armed men have sent death threats to the staff of Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in the province of Maysan, a source revealed on Thursday.

Speaking to Shafaq News, the source, who was said to be familiar with the developments, pointed out that the electoral commission's staff in the province "received death threats by armed elements."

He further explained that a couple of vehicles raided the office of the commission in Maysan province and threatened the IHEC staff after accusing them of "falsifying" the election results, according to the report.

The office of the commission in the province had received 25 complaints against the results of the parliamentary elections held on October 10, the outcome of which has already been rejected by the majority of pro-Iran Shia parties.

The commission announced earlier today that it had rejected a total of 174 complaints regarding the results of the elections while seven complaints have been accepted.

The IHEC said last week that it had not been affected by any pressure from any parties or sides, noting that a change to the number of party's seats is normal.

"The preliminary results were announced for the existence of a binding decision to announce the results within 24 hours of the elections," Hassan Salman, the Director of the Media and Mass Communication Department at the Commission, told Al-Iraqiya News last week.

This comes while Huqooq Movement, the political wing of Kata'ib Hezbollah group, and Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq Movement have demanded a manual recount of the votes by the electoral commission, warning of an escalation if it refuses to do so.

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