Iraqi Protesters Demand Trial for Head and Members of Board of Commissioners
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Iraqi Protesters Demand Trial for Head and Members of Board of Commissioners

ERBIL — Demonstrations against the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections are ongoing in separate cities in Iraq and they on Wednesday demanded a trial to be held for the head and members of the Board of Commissioners.

The committee for the demonstrations said in a statement that "the head and members of the Board of Commissioners should be submitted to the judiciary to be tried and receive their just punishment for the legal violations they committed," as cited by Shafaq News.

The committee further urged "to conduct a review of the work of all directors and cadres of the Commission's Board to ensure their professionalism and independence because it is proven that the largest number of them belong to influential political parties that benefited from them in manipulating the election results."

It also called on the demonstrators to "preserve the peaceful demonstration and continue it with determination and steadfastness, "rejecting the results of the unfair elections, which were closer to a trial than rejecting the occupation and rejecting normalization."

Supporters of pro-Iran Shia parties took to the streets in different cities of Iraq to protest the results of the parliamentary elections. They pitched sit-in tents near the headquarters of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC).

The protesters have been demanding a manual recount of the ballots, warning to continue until their demands are addressed.

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