Iraqi Forces Capture Senior IS Member
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Iraqi Forces Capture Senior IS Member

Over 30 other "terrorists" were arrested

ERBIL — Iraqi security forces on Wednesday announced the capture of a senior member of the Islamic State (IS), a statement has confirmed.

Othman Al-Ghanimi, the Minister of Interior, announced on Wednesday that the insurgent was responsible for several criminal operations without elaborating where he was captured.

"We congratulate the heroes of the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior for their distinguished efforts in pursuing terrorist elements, and today they are dealing a new blow to ISIS," Ghanimi said in a statement.

According to the minister, the jihadist was identified as Karim Abdullah Maleh, who was working as a battalion commander in the IS.

"The detainee is responsible for a number of criminal operations," he added.

Moreover, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that two "terrorists" were captured in the disputed province of Kirkuk and Anbar province, during two separate operations carried out based on intelligence information.

Elsewhere in the capital Baghdad, the security forces managed to arrest 32 convicts.

"The 11th Infantry Division, during security procedures, arrested 14 convicts," the cell said in a statement, adding that "narcotic materials have also been seized."

"A force from the 1st Brigade from the federal police, and based on intelligence, has arrested 18 convicts accused of human trafficking after raiding a suspicious apartment east of Baghdad, in addition to arresting another suspect in Albaladiat district," the statement said.

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