Turkish President Requests Two-year Extension of Operations in Syria and Iraq
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Turkish President Requests Two-year Extension of Operations in Syria and Iraq

ERBIL — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has requested a two-year-long authorisation from the parliament for the military operations in Iraq and Syria against the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

The latest request has drawn more attention as Erdogan used to renew the authorization for 12 months and not for two years. He said that the land borders with Iraq and Syria were still necessary to secure as a result of continued "threats" against Turkey’s national security, Turkish media outlets said on Wednesday.

"The continued existence of the PKK and ISIL elements in Iraq, attempts against ethnic-based separatism, and direct threats to regional peace, stability and the security of our country. Terrorist organizations, especially PKK/PYD-YPG and ISIL, continue their presence in Syria in the areas adjacent to our border, continuing their actions against our country, our national security and civilians," the motion said.

The Turkish parliament is said to approve the president's troop deployment request since his ruling coalition holds the majority in the legislature.

This comes a few days after Erdogan vowed to respond to an attack allegedly conducted by the YPG fighters in north of Syria where two Turkish police officers were killed.

"We have no patience left in some areas that are a source of terror attacks aimed at our country from Syria," Erdogan stated after chairing a cabinet meeting attended by top ministers.

"We are determined to eliminate the threats emanating from Syria with our own means," he said in televised comments, "necessary measures in line with our rights arising from international law is of vital importance for our national security," against any action that may pose a threat to the national security, aimed at disrupting the territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria and creating illegitimate fait accompli in the field.

Turkey views the PKK and YPG as "terrorist" organizations while the country has previously carried out several military operations against the two armed groups in Iraq and Syria.

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