Five People Killed in Ammunition Depot Blast in Central Syria
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Five People Killed in Ammunition Depot Blast in Central Syria

ERBIL — A huge explosion at an ammunition depot in central Syria killed at least five people, local media said on Wednesday.

Sputnik cited a source as saying that the blast had taken place on the Hama-Homs highway, in Syria's central Hama province.

Two other people were injured by the explosion which preliminary investigations suggested was caused by a technical error.

The facility belongs to the pro-government militias of the National Defence Forces.

It came only hours after a twin IED blast killed 14 people in capital Damascus while security forces said they had dismantled a third explosive device.

The blasts in Damascus also left five other people injured. There were unconfirmed reports of the explosions targeting a bus carrying soldiers of the Syrian regime army.

Syrian state TV showed footage of the charred bus and said the blasts occurred during rush hours when people were heading to work and school.

No group or organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

In a statement made to the Syrian state TV, Damascus police commander ,Major General Hussein Jumaa, described the attack as “a cowardly act”, and called on people to inform authorities when they notice any suspicious object or movement.

The attack is the deadliest in Damascus in years, with such incidents being rare since the government forces captured the suburbs that were once held by insurgents.

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