Iraq to Build Concrete Wall along Syrian Border: Commander
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Iraq to Build Concrete Wall along Syrian Border: Commander

ERBIL — The Iraqi government will build concrete walls along the border with neighboring Syria to fortify its territories against any terrorist infiltration, a commander in the north of the country said.

In 2019, Iraq announced the plan to dig trenches and build fences with barbed wire on the Syrian border to prevent the movement of the Islamic State (IS) remnants.

According to Jabbar Taee, commander of the Iraqi forces in west of Nineveh province, said the efforts have been stepped up under the supervision of the general command of the border guards.

He explained that the 3-meter-deep trenches and concrete walls with watch towers will be stretched from the Kurdistan Region to Anbar province in west of Iraq.

Taee further explained that the walls and border crossings will be equipped with CCTV and thermal cameras connected to an online server where all the movements will be monitored.

The Iraq-Syria border runs for a total length of 599 kilometers.

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