Iraqi Aircrafts Conduct 25 Airstrikes against IS in Kirkuk
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Iraqi Aircrafts Conduct 25 Airstrikes against IS in Kirkuk

ERBIL — Iraqi warplanes carried out 25 airstrikes against the jihadist group of Islamic State (IS) in the disputed province of Kirkuk, the US-led Coalition revealed on Monday.

Citing a statement by a spokesperson for the Iraqi Commander-in-Chief, the Global Coalition wrote on Twitter: "The Iraqi Air Force conducted 25 airstrikes in Wadi al-Shai, Kirkuk, destroying 5 Daesh hideouts containing logistical supplies."

"The IAF’s [Iraqi Air Force] capability & capacity to take the fight to Daesh is admirable & a reflection of our strong partnership," the Coalition added.

As explained by Iraqi Military Spokesperson Yehia Rasool, the air raids destroyed five hideouts belonging to the insurgent group of Islamic State which were said to have contained logistical support.

The Islamic State was announced as "fully defeated" in Iraq earlier in 2017 while the insurgent group has so far continued to harm the security forces and civilians in the disputed areas, particularly in Kirkuk.

Iraqi security forces last Wednesday said that they had captured three IS members in the provinces of Diyala and Salahaddin, noting that the trio was captured based on intelligence information which had been collected on them.

According to a statement by the Iraqi Security Media Cell explained, they were on the wanted list for terror charges.

"The process of arresting them took place at dawn today through field follow-up and intensification of intelligence efforts," the statement added.

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