Iraqi Shia Militias Accuse UAE of Election Fraud, Possible to Take Military Actions
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Iraqi Shia Militias Accuse UAE of Election Fraud, Possible to Take Military Actions

ERBIL — Iraqi Shia militias have accused the United Arab Emirates of committing fraud in the parliamentary elections held last week, warning of the possibility of taking military actions against the regional country.

"I have accurate information that in the coming days, the UAE might be targeted militarily from the Iraqi soil... drones, precision missiles and ballistic missiles will be launched from the Iraqi soil towards the UAE, to send a deterrence message to the leaders of the conspiracy," Ahmad Abdusadah, the radical pro-Muqawama commentator, said in a statement.

This comes as the Muwaqama accuses the UAE of "conspiring" against the Muqawama in the Iraqi elections.

"The Hashd al-Shabi is not going to wait until gallows are erected in the streets and its leaders are hanged in Tahrir square. Frankly, there are 5 brigades inside the green zone ready [to protect the state from the government's coup!]"

Meanwhile, Political Commentator Nawzad Hituati spoke to BasNews on this issue and pointed out that the Shia militia groups in Iraq have "publicly" threatened to take actions against the regional countries.

He further revealed that the militia groups have threatened to target the UAE with ballistic missiles, noting that they reject any sorts of democracy.

Except the Sairoon Movement of the powerful Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, which has won 73 seats of the parliament, all other Shia parties have lost a great number of seats.

The Fatah alliance, which is composed of supporters of the Iran-backed al-Hashd al-Shaabi, and led by Hadi al-Ameri, in particular denounced the results of the parliamentary elections as "fabricated" while one armed militia faction appeared to threaten violent action in response, Iraqi reports said. The Fatah Alliance had 52 seats while it has secured only 16 seats in the last week's elections.

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