Iraq Announces Capture of Mastermind Behind 2016's Deadly Baghdad Bombings
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Iraq Announces Capture of Mastermind Behind 2016's Deadly Baghdad Bombings

ERBIL — Iraqi security forces have captured the mastermind behind the deadly bombings carried out in 2016 in the capital Baghdad, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi announced on Monday.

The premier wrote on Twitter: "5 years after the terrorist bombing of Karrada, our brave forces succeeded in capturing the terrorist Ghazwan Alzawbaee in a complex intelligence operation outside the country."

"He is the primary culprit behind the Karrada atrocity and many others," Kadhimi further explained.

According to available updates, the senior jihadist was captured during a cross-border operation. However, the prime minister did not mention where the insurgent was captured.

Yehia Rasool, a spokesperson for the Iraqi Commander-in-Chief, said in a statement that Ghazwan, who was also known as Abu Ubaida of Baghdad, had been wanted by Iraqi courts and that he was captured in one of the countries.

He further pointed out that Ghazwan had involved in the deadly bomb attacks in Karrada, where 324 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded, a car bomb attack in Baghdad on September 9 2016, a similar incident in the capital city in 2017 and a bombing which targeted a gathering of a Shia pilgrims.

On July 3, 2016, Islamic State jihadists exploded, in the neighborhood in f Karrada, Baghdad province, a truck laden with explosives early in the morning to target the popular marketplace where families were busy with shopping just a few days before the Muslim Eid feast, leaving 324 people killed.

PM Kadhimi added in his Twitter statement that "bringing those complicit in the shedding of our people’s blood is a national duty. We have commissioned a design contest for a memorial for the victims of the Karada bombing. This will be a part of our remembrance of all Iraqi victims."

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