New MPs Should Restore People's Confidence in Democracy: Iraqi PM
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New MPs Should Restore People's Confidence in Democracy: Iraqi PM

ERBIL — The newly-elected lawmakers should restore the confidence of Iraqi people in democracy, the country's Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi argued on Sunday.

The Iraqi premier made the remarks in his speech during a ceremony for the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed in the capital Baghdad on Sunday, where he pointed out that some people attempt to use the politics for their personal interests.

Kadhimi said that "today, we fulfilled our pledge before our people to hold early, fair elections," according to a press release by his office.

"The new lawmakers have the moral and patriotic duties towards their people," the Iraqi prime minister continued, noting that the MPs must "restore the confidence of the people in political action and... democracy."

Iraq held the parliamentary elections last Sunday, October 10, when the polling stations were opened to allow more than 24 million eligible voters to cast their ballots. The turnout, however, was low in comparison to the previous elections.

The country's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) on Saturday night announced the final uncertified results of the general elections, indicating that the Sadrist Movement has secured 73 seats of the Iraqi parliament, becoming the largest bloc.

The results of the election are yet to be certified by the Iraqi top court, soon after which the lawmakers will be allowed to hold their first session within 15 days, which will be chaired by the eldest member, to elect a speaker as well as two deputies.

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