Iran-linked Blocks to Form New Alliance for Competing Sadr’s Majority
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Iran-linked Blocks to Form New Alliance for Competing Sadr’s Majority

ERBIL — The political blocs known for their close ties with Iran are in negotiations to form a new alliance in the post-elections Iraqi politics in order to compete with Muqtada al-Sadr’s movement which has won the largest number of seats.

Iraq held the early parliamentary elections last Sunday, in which, according to initial results, Sadr’s movement has secured 73 seats, becoming the block that will choose other sides for alliance to form the next government.

Alia Nusaif, a leading member of State of Law Coalition, led by former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, told Shafaq News that his party is planning to unite with Hadi al-Ameri’s Fatih Alliance to compete against Sadr with 85 seats together.

Nusaif believes that the move will give her party greater leverage in negotiations to form the new government of Iraq. She stressed that the executive body, like in the previous years, will have to be formed through political consensus between the major parties.

The State of Law Coalition has so far secured 37 seats, while Fatih Alliance has only 14.

Political analysts in Iraq believe that disputes between Sadr and the Iran-backed factions will likely move him towards the Kurds and Sunnis for forming the majority in Baghdad and designate the next prime minister, a position that is reserved for the Shias.

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