Kurdistan President Calls for Kurdish Unity for “a Promising Future” after Iraqi Elections
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Kurdistan President Calls for Kurdish Unity for “a Promising Future” after Iraqi Elections

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani on Tuesday highlighted the successful conclusion of the Iraqi parliamentary elections and called for unity among Kurds to secure a promising future for the Kurdistan Region.

“Unity, tolerance and partnership among all of us are the keys to success, which ensure the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region. It is the way we can protect our hard-won achievements, the federal system and political entity of the Kurdistan Region,” Barzani said in his official statement.

He emphasized that fulfilling the responsibilities and building a better present and a more secured future for the Kurdistan requires cooperation with the Iraqi sides and parties.

“It is our duty as Iraq’s political parties and factions to take serious steps towards resolving the problems of the country through realistic and new understanding and vision, and by learning from past errors. This is how we can work for a stable and prosperous Iraq in which the constitutional rights of all communities are ensured and safeguarded,” the Kurdish leader added.

Describing the election as “the right step on the right path”, Barzani also thanked the Iraqi electoral commission, the UN and other international observers, the media, security forces, civic society activists and all those who supported the elections.

“At the same time, the voter turnout is a clear message from the citizens that they expect better livelihood and improved public services, which they are entitled to. This should be a lesson for all of us in the government and the political parties in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, encouraging us for serious reassessments and reestablishment of trust. It should also encourage us to work and serve more,” he further underlined.

The Kurdistan Region president noted that the time has come for all the Iraqi and Kurdish parties to begin the efforts for forming a new government which mirrors the will and expectations of the citizens; a government which implements the constitution, empowers state institutions, assumes control of the extrajudicial armed groups, corrects the political process based on the constitution and partnership of all Iraqi communities, and takes charge of the country towards a better future for everyone.

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