Iraq Promises High-Level Security on Election Day
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Iraq Promises High-Level Security on Election Day

ERBIL — The security forces responsible for the protection of the polling stations on October 10 are well organized on a high level, an Iraqi official said.

Speaking to reporters from Baghdad, Iraqi Government Spokesperson Hassan Nazim said the preparations for the next Sunday’s parliamentary election are on a good level.

He described the upcoming election as “the most important event for Iraqis”, for which the government has worked hard to ensure the safety of the polling stations.

The Iraqi Parliament today will announce the termination of the current term to lay the ground for the next legislature.

Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States on Wednesday issued a joint statement to welcome the preparations for the vote in Iraq.

They noted that substantial resources have been mobilized in support of free and fair elections at the request of the Iraqi people.

The statement was later welcomed by Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani who said his government will ensure full access and freedom of movement for the international teams, and encourages them to provide sufficient monitoring across this diverse country, including the disputed territories.

“This support is critical for the integrity of the electoral process as a whole,” he added.

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