Makhmour: KRG Launches Two Electricity Projects
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Makhmour: KRG Launches Two Electricity Projects

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Monday announced that it had launched a couple of "massive" electricity projects in the disputed district of Makhmour.

According to an official press release by the KRG, the two projects worth more than one billion Iraqi dinars, are aimed at improving the power supply in the region.

"KRG launched two massive electricity projects in Makhmour, with a combined cost of 1.742 billion dinars," reads the statement, adding: "Launched today, they are Bnar power station, carried out by Girshin company, and a 33 KV power-line at Qaraj conducted by Palos company."

"They will improve the electricity supply and reduce pressure on the existing power lines."

The KRG has intensified its efforts to develop the sector of electricity. Earlier in August, the autonomous region's Ministry of Electricity said that it was hoping to fully privatize the distribution of electricity, which came over one year after the KRG's Council of Ministers approved a proposal by the ministry to privatize the sector of electricity.

The KRG has also showed readiness to work with the federal government of Iraq for joint electricity projects. Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, during a meeting with Iraq's Minister of Electricity Majid Hantush in April, discussed the situation of electricity in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, including the efforts to increase energy production at power plants.

Barzani reaffirmed his government's readiness to cooperate with the federal government to implement joint electricity projects, reminding that Iraq has rich material and human resources, arguing that if they are well invested, they will have a positive impact on the lives of the people across Iraq.

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