Iraq Issues Travel Documents for Migrants Stranded on Belarus-Lithuania Border
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Iraq Issues Travel Documents for Migrants Stranded on Belarus-Lithuania Border

ERBIL — The Iraqi government has dispatched a delegation to deal with the situation of the migrants stranded between the border areas of Belarus and Lithuania, granting them travel documents to help them return to their country, a spokesperson said on Monday.

Ahmed al-Sahaf, a spokesperson for Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced on Monday that a "consular" delegation had been dispatched to the joint border between Lithuania and Belarus for granting travel documents "to citizens wishing to return voluntarily."

The delegation was sent from the Iraqi Embassy in Poland which also aimed at seeing "the conditions of residence of others and to know their humanitarian requirements," he said

The spokesperson noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to several Iraqi immigrants’ appeals.

Dozens of Iraqi migrants are currently stuck in the areas between Lithuania and Belarus where they are facing strict security measures by the border guards, in some cases resulting in casualties.

Earlier on Sunday, 19 September, authorities in Minsk and Warsaw announced that four Iraqi nationals had been found dead on the border between Belarus and Poland.

"Today, on September 19, the body of a woman of non-Slavic appearance was discovered within a meter of the Belarus-Poland border," Belarusian Usovo border official Yevgeny Omes told state news agency Belta, claiming that there were "clear signs" that the woman had been dragged from the Polish side of the border into Belarus.

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