PKK Kidnaps 13-Year-Old Orphan in Idlib: Activist
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PKK Kidnaps 13-Year-Old Orphan in Idlib: Activist

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) has reportedly kidnapped a 13-year-old orphan in the city of Idlib, northeast of Syria, transferring her to a military training camp in the region, a political activist revealed on Sunday.

Confirming to BasNews, Mustafa Shekho, a local political activist, pointed out that the 13-year-old girl was identified as Rama Ali Othman, who had been displaced from the village of Aqiba, in the Kurdish enclave of Afrin.

The teenager was abducted by the organization of Jwanen Shorishger, also known as the Revolutionary Youth, which is affiliated with the PKK in northeast of Syria, the activist said, noting that she was transferred to a military base in the area.

According to Shekho, the girl used to live with her 80-year-old grandmother as none of her parents are alive.

On Wednesday, 22 September, Dara Hasri, a civil activist in Syrian Kurdistan, or better known as Rojava, pointed out that a 16-year-old boy had been kidnapped by the same PKK-affiliated organization from a tent in the village of Tal Qrah of Idlib city.

The activist identified the teenager as Mohammed Rashid Ibrahim, a displaced child from Afrin, who was said to have been transferred to a military training camp of the PKK in the region.

The PKK-affiliated organization has kidnapped tens of children in Syria since the beginning of this year, the majority of whom have already been sent to the armed group's positions in Qandil and Sinjar.

Hasri further called on the international human rights organizations to put pressure on the military and political leaders in northeast of Syria to release the abducted children and put an end to this repeated action.

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