PICTURES | Kurds in Germany Gather to Protest PKK Violations in Kurdistan and Rojava
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PICTURES | Kurds in Germany Gather to Protest PKK Violations in Kurdistan and Rojava

ERBIL — The Kurdish community in Germany organized a demonstration against the violations by the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) in the Kurdistan Region and Syrian Kurdistan, also known as Rojava.

The demonstration was organized in the German city of Dusseldorf to protest against PKK's "illegal" interference in the affairs of Kurdistan Region and Rojava.

Political activist Nowruz Bejo, who participated in the vigil, told BasNews that "the protesters demanded the exit of the PKK from Rojava and to stop its interference in Kurdistan Region and to go to its main square if it was serious about it, fight the Turks."

She noted that the gathering was held on September 25 because it was the fourth anniversary of the historic independence referendum held by the Kurdistan Region, "and everyone saw how the PKK rejected it and stood against the historic decision of Başûr Kurdistan [Kurdistan Region], led by President Barzani."

She stressed: "We took a sit-in to say to the PKK: No.. We support Başûr Kurdistan and its Peshmerga, which was liberated by the blood of thousands of Peshmerga heroes, and we will defend them because it is the main Qiblah for the other parts of Kurdistan."

The PKK is in a decades-long military confrontation with Turkey while it has positions in the border areas of Kurdistan Region, attracting the Turkish army to the region and directly affecting the sectors of agriculture and tourism despite putting the lives of civilians and villagers in a great danger.

The PKK is also accused of creating obstacles for the Kurdish parties in northeast of Syria to come together. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has repeatedly called on the PKK and Turkey to avoid using its territory as a battlefield for settling their disputes.

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