Kurdistan Rejects Awareness of Conference on Normalizing Iraq-Israel Relations
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Kurdistan Rejects Awareness of Conference on Normalizing Iraq-Israel Relations

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Region presidency and government have rejected its awareness and approval of a conference held on Friday in Erbil which was partially dedicated to discussions on normalization of ties between Iraq and Israel, separate statements said.

The Al-Salam and Al-Istirdad conference, hosted by the Center For Peace Communication and attended by several dozens of Iraqi figures from the Shia and Sunni sects, was soon slammed by Baghdad, which refuses to take into consideration the possibility of normalizing its relations with Israel.

“The KRG was not made aware of the Center for Peace Communication’s conference and was held without our approval or knowledge,” Jotiar Adil, a spokesperson for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), said.

“The views of the conference does not reflect the views and policies of KRG. The KRG will take the necessary measures to follow up on how this meeting was held,” he added.

The Presidency of Kurdistan Region also said in a separate statement that the top establishment was not, in any way, informed about the event or the topics discussed in it.

“The remarks issued by the meeting, on no account, reflect the views, policies or positions of the Kurdistan Region,” it added, noting that that foreign policy positions, directions, and issues fall under the authority of the Federal Government according to the Constitution.

“We urge all Iraqi parties and sides not to lose sight over this issue as we all await the outcome of an investigation carried out by the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Interior.”

KRG’s Interior Ministry had previously said it was investigating into the issue while refuting that any approvals were issued for the conference to dedicate discussions around the sensitive issue.

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