Iraq's Electoral Commission Forms Committees to Monitor Violations on Polling Day
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Iraq's Electoral Commission Forms Committees to Monitor Violations on Polling Day

The results will be announced within 24 hours of the election day

ERBIL — Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) said on Thursday that it had formed several committees for the purpose of monitoring possible violations and complaints on the election day of the parliamentary vote.

Speaking to reporters, Jalil Adnan, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, said that the commission is focusing on the elections in the disputed province of Kirkuk where there used to be only one monitoring committee, while there are several now.

"We will deal with any complaint by taking the relevant measures," Adnan told Shafaq News agency's reporter.

He also noted that the electoral commission has updated 30 million cards, out of a total of 32 million.

Moreover, Adnan stressed that the country is expected to announce the results of the October elections within 24 hours, noting that the commission has completed all preparations for holding the parliamentary elections, which include updating the voter register and the names of the candidates.

"The Supreme Security Committee for Elections is also ready to take all precautions for the elections day," Adnan stressed, noting that the elections will not be like the previous ones. "We have a new election law and a new committed Commission."

"The elections day will witness a new change in Iraq, as the results will be announced within 24 hours," he added

The Iraqi parliamentary vote is scheduled for 10 October 2021 while hundreds of international and local observers are set to monitor the process in efforts to ensure the transparency and credibility of the elections.

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