Peshmerga Receives Over 60 Additional Vehicles from Global Coalition
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Peshmerga Receives Over 60 Additional Vehicles from Global Coalition

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga Ministry on Thursday received more than 60 additional armed vehicles from the US-led Coalition, as the two sides continue their joint work to combat the Islamic State (IS) in the region.

"Divestment Day 2: For the second consecutive day, @CJTFOIR divested over 60 vehicles to the @KRG_MOPE M4 warehouse. These mobility assets will greatly enhance maneuverability and logistical support capability for the Peshmerga to DefeatDaesh," US Col. Jeffrey Todd Burroughs, Deputy Director Military Advisor Group North, wrote on Twitter.

A day earlier, the Global Coalition delivered 70 armoured vehicles to the Peshmerga Ministry. Burroughs told Kurdistan 24: "CJTF-OIR is committed to advising, assisting, and enabling the Peshmerga to secure the enduring defeat of ISIS."

He added that the “divestment of vehicles provides much needed mobility assets to the Peshmerga to enhance their combat capability. This divestment also serves as a visible symbol of the coalition's commitment to our partner forces in this critical mission."

The Peshmerga Ministry has previously received several similar batches of military assistance from the US-led Coalition during September.

Wayne Marotto, a spokesperson for the US-led Coalition, also confirmed the report and pointed out that the Coalition "remains committed to strengthen our partnership w/the Peshmerga as we work together toward keeping the region free of Daesh. Today, @KRG_MOPE received another 60 vehicles thru the U.S. CTEF program, overseen by OIR."

The Peshmerga fighters, backed by the Global Coalition forces, played a key role in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq between 2014 and 2017. The Kurdish forces have so far continued to make efforts to deter the jihadist group from reorganizing themselves in the region.

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