Iraq Says 11% of Citizens Fully Vaccinated
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Iraq Says 11% of Citizens Fully Vaccinated

ERBIL — The Iraqi Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that 11% of the country's citizens have already received the two doses of coronavirus vaccines.

Ruba Falah, a member of the media medical team in the Health Ministry of Iraq, pointed out in a statement that 18% of people in the country have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccines.

However, Ruba further warned of a possible new wave of COVID-19 in Iraq, while the country is already suffering from the third wave, arguing that there is no solution to this pandemic issue except following the protective measures and getting vaccinated.

According to the latest updates by the health ministry, Iraq has so far confirmed a total of 1,981,493 coronavirus infections since February 2020, out of which 21,911 people have lost their lives.

Iraq has previously received several batches of different types of COVID-19 vaccines, a small proportion of which is usually distributed to the Kurdistan Region where hundreds of thousands of citizens have already registered their names to receive the vaccine.

Earlier on Saturday, this week, 400,000 additional doses of the US-made Pfizer vaccines arrived in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the country’s Health Minister said.

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