KDP Official Survives Assassination Attempt Near Kirkuk
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KDP Official Survives Assassination Attempt Near Kirkuk

ERBIL — An official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) managed to survive an assassination attempt near the disputed province of Kirkuk, a statement said on Wednesday.

Luqman Alltun Shwani, head of KDP's branch in Chamchamall district, Sulaimaniya province, who was the official who came under the armed attack, confirmed the report to Kurdistan 24 and pointed out that the incident took place on Tuesday night.

According to the official, a number of unknown armed men inside a vehicle opened fire at him in an area near Shwan sub-district, in Kirkuk province, leaving him wounded.

Shwani further explained that he was wounded in one of his eyes and one of his legs in the armed attack, noting that it was not clear to which group or side the gunmen belonged.

The scene is part of the territories which are disputed between Erbil and Baghdad with a security vacuum continuing to leave a chance for the Islamic State (IS) and other armed groups to harm the security forces and civilians in the region.

Kurdish officials have repeatedly called for joint operations by the Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi army in the disputed areas. The two sides have lately agreed on the formation of two joint brigades in the region.

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