Four Iraqi Migrants Found Dead on Belarus-Poland Border
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Four Iraqi Migrants Found Dead on Belarus-Poland Border

ERBIL — Authorities in Minsk and Warsaw confirmed on Sunday that the bodies of four Iraqi nationals were found on the border between Belarus and Poland.

Since early 2021, a large influx of migrants, mostly from Iraq, have flown to Belarus where they enjoy the country’s disputes with the EU to cross the border into Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland.

“Today, on September 19, the body of a woman of non-Slavic appearance was discovered within a meter of the Belarus-Poland border," Belarusian Usovo border official Yevgeny Omes told state news agency Belta.

Omes claimed that there were “clear signs” that the woman was dragged from the Polish side of the border into Belarus.

Local news agencies said the woman’s husband, three children, and an elderly were by the body when the border guards arrived. The man, said to be the victim’s husband, said the Polish border guards had taken them against their will, barefoot, to the Belarusian side.

Elsewhere inside the territories of Poland, the bodies of three men, said to be Iraqi nationals, were found by the Polish border guards.

The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Facebook that he was in contact with the interior minister as well as the head of the border guards, revealing that the links between these "dramatic events and Belarusian provocations" would be investigated.

Poland's border guards said on Twitter they are opening an investigation into the deaths.

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