US-led Coalition Continues to Train Peshmerga: Ministry
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US-led Coalition Continues to Train Peshmerga: Ministry

ERBIL — The US-led Coalition to combat Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria has continued to train the Peshmerga fighters of Kurdistan Region and provide them with logistical and military assistance, the Peshmerga Ministry confirmed on Sunday.

Deputy Chief of Staff of Peshmerga Training and Operations Major General, Qaraman Kamal, told BasNews that "the trainings received by the units and brigades of the Peshmerga forces from the military experts of the coalition forces are continuing," noting that these trainings had been suspended for a while due the outbreak of the coronavirus at the beginning of last year.

"But it has now been resumed and is running continuously," he said, adding that the trainers from the Peshmerga forces, who received training from the experts of the Global Coalition forces, continue to train the Peshmerga fighters in cooperation with the experts and the military advisers of the coalition.

In addition to the exercises, he continued, advisers in the coalition forces, "from the Germans, Americans, British, Dutch and Canadians, are continuing the process of reorganizing the Peshmerga forces."

Sheikh Kamal also indicated that the US-led Coalition forces continue to provide assistance and logistical support to the Peshmerga forces, pointing out that the Kurdish fighters, a few days ago, received a new batch of military aid from the Global Coalition.

This comes while the US-led Coalition has reaffirmed its continued support for Iraq despite plans to reduce combat troops from the country.

Earlier on Friday, the fourth round of meetings of the Joint Technical Committee between Iraq and the US kicked off in Baghdad, with the Joint Operations Command of the Iraqi Army revealing that the two sides had signed a security agreement to reduce the combat units and military forces in each of the two bases of Ain al-Assad in Iraq’s Anbar province, and Harir near Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Region.

Moreover, Wayne Marotto, a spokesperson for the US-led Coalition, said in a statement on Twitter that the Coalition remains committed to supporting both the Iraqi security forces as well as the Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga fighters in their fight against the Islamic State and to ensure that the group "never resurges."

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