Iraqi FM Arrives in New York for UN General Assembly
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Iraqi FM Arrives in New York for UN General Assembly

ERBIL — Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein has arrived in New York for the United Nations General Assembly that is expected to begin on Tuesday, a spokesperson confirmed on Sunday.

"The Foreign Minister has arrived in New York to participate in the work of the United Nations General Assembly in its 76th session," Ahmed al-Sahaf, a spokesperson for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a statement.

"It is expected that the minister will meet with a number of foreign ministers and officials from a number of countries in the world to discuss and strengthen bilateral relations, and mobilize efforts to continue their support for Iraq," he added.

Presidents as well as prime ministers of hundreds of countries are returning to the United Nations in New York this week with discussions said to be focused on boosting the efforts to combat both climate change and the coronavirus pandemic.

US President Joe Biden is expected to host a virtual meeting from Washington with leaders and chief executives on Wednesday in efforts to boost the distribution of vaccines globally as Africa has so far received only 2% of vaccines out 5.7 billion doses of vaccines administered around the globe.

The UN assembly last year was held online as the participants were not able to travel to the United States due to the country's protective measures against the pandemic.

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