Three People Killed, Injured in Tribal Fight in Iraq
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Three People Killed, Injured in Tribal Fight in Iraq

ERBIL — At least three people were either killed or wounded in a fresh armed confrontation between two major tribes in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Sunday, a source has revealed.

The security source said in a statement that the Shammar tribe, which is considered the largest tribe in Iraq, clashed with the Agil tribe, adding that light and medium weapons were used in the conflict.

The incident, which reportedly took place in Kamaliya area, in east of Baghdad, resulted in the killing of two members of the Shammar tribe while one member of Agil tribe was wounded, according to the source.

Members of the Shammar tribe are seen in the streets of Kamaliya area as they have threatened to get revenge against the other tribe, with no further details currently available on the incident.

This comes as Iraq has so far failed to disarm the tribes and other militia groups, particularly in areas of central and south of the country where such confrontations are often reported.

The majority of the fights usually occur in Basra where tribal fights left 133 people killed and 411 more injured in 2018 while in nine months of 2019 alone, 113 individuals had been killed due to tribal fights in Basra, and 440 others were wounded.

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