India Willing to Develop Strong Ties with Kurdistan: Ambassador
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India Willing to Develop Strong Ties with Kurdistan: Ambassador

ERBIL — India is willing to strengthen the ties between New Delhi and Erbil in different areas, including economy and academic sector, said the Indian Ambassador to Iraq Prashant Pise.

Ambassador Pise discussed bilateral relations during a meeting with Kurdish leader and the President of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Sunday in Erbil. 

Barzani Headquarters said in the readout of the meeting that the sides exchanged views on the latest developments in the region, and emphasized that combating terrorism needs an international effort. 

“The upcoming elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives was also discussed. The sides hoped that the October elections would lead to positive changes and will meet the demands of the people,” the readout added.

Safeen Dizayee, Head of Kurdistan Region’s Department of Foreign Relations, who was also present at the meeting, said Barzani and Pise “stressed on enhancing bilateral ties through close cooperation on economic, academic, exchanging knowledge and expertise in many fields of mutual interest.”

India has opened a Consulate General in Erbil since 2016, to boost diplomatic relations with the Kurdistan Region. 

The country has now become one of the main destinations for medical tours from Kurdistan, thanks to the easy visa procedures and hospitality of the nation for the Kurds. 

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