Iraqi Forces Thwart Triple Attack on Shia Pilgrims in Babel
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Iraqi Forces Thwart Triple Attack on Shia Pilgrims in Babel

ERBIL — Iraqi security forces on Saturday managed to thwart a triple terrorist attack attempting to target the Shia pilgrims in the province of Babel, a statement has confirmed.

"The security forces of Babel Intelligence thwarted an operation to target the Arbaeen pilgrims with an explosive device and two explosive belts within the Albu Jassim area in Al-Musayyab district," a security source told Shafaq News.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell also confirmed the report and said in a statement that the security forces would continue to secure the path of the visitors to Imam Hussein, "and through a qualitative process and accurate proactive information, the intelligence agency was able to foil the process of targeting the visitors."

"After intensified work, ongoing follow-up and technical effort, the agency's men were able to seize two explosive belts and an explosive device that was intended to be detonated to target the march of visitors to the holy city of Karbala, where they were seized in the north of Babil."

It was not clear if the Islamic State (IS), which remains the main threat to the security of Iraq in various areas, was behind the terrorist activity.

The jihadist group has so far continued to pose a serious threat to the security forces and civilians in Iraq despite the fact that the country announced the militant group as "fully defeated" in 2017.

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