Iraq Announces October 8 for Military Voting Ahead of General Elections
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Iraq Announces October 8 for Military Voting Ahead of General Elections

ERBIL — Iraqi military personnel will cast their votes for the Parliamentary elections during a special voting day on October 8, said Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission on Saturday.

The country has set the general elections for October 10, during which nearly 24 million eligible citizens can take part in electing 329 representatives for the parliament.

Jumana Ghola, a spokesperson for the commission, said that prisoners with sentences less than five years, and the Iraqi citizens currently living in displacement camps, will also vote on October 8.

According to the official, 2,583 polling stations are prepared for the military voters, as well as 309 stations for the displaced persons, and seven stations for prisoners.

The same decision applies to the military and security personnel, IDPs, and prisoners in the Kurdistan Region.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said during a cabinet meeting last Thursday that the government and electoral commission have almost concluded the preparations for the election.

He elaborated that the necessary equipment are availed for the electoral commission, and the security forces are ready to help with a peaceful process.

The UN, EU, and several international organizations are helping Iraq as observers to ensure the elections will be fair in the country. Iraqis believe that the October polls will be decisive to determine the fate of the country for both internal and regional challenges.


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