US Envoy Underlines PM Barzani's Role in Combating Violence against Women
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US Envoy Underlines PM Barzani's Role in Combating Violence against Women

ERBIL — US Consul General in Erbil Robert Palladino has underlined the role of Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani in fighting violence against women in the autonomous region, a statement said on Thursday.

The US diplomat made the remarks during a meeting with the Kurdistan Region's Minister of Justice held in Erbil on Thursday, in which he referred to Barzani's role in various issues, including "the issue of combating violence against women," a statement by the Justice Ministry said.

Palladino noted that this indicates that the people of Kurdistan Region share common values with the people of the United States, while this brings the two nations closer together, according to the statement.

He also commended the ministry's actions for protecting the rights of women and combating violence against them, the statement continued.

Following the killing of a woman by her husband in Erbil in April who had used an unlicensed weapon to kill his wife in a so-called “honor killing”, PM Barzani condemned the murder of the woman and said that the perpetrator will face the full extent of the law.

"I am appalled by yesterday’s brutal murder of a young woman in Erbil. There is no honor in “honor” killings; it is murder, sets us back, and must end," the premier wrote on Twitter at the time.

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