PKK Creates Obstacles to KRG's Public Service Projects
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PKK Creates Obstacles to KRG's Public Service Projects

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) has continued to create obstacles for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to provide public services in the border areas, particularly in the province of Duhok, the local governor revealed on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the funeral of two Peshmerga fighters killed in the roadside bombs laid by the PKK guerillas in the province, Duhok Governor Ali Tatar pointed out that the armed group creates difficulties for the KRG to provide public services in the border areas.

He noted that the PKK has turned the border area into a battlefield, as the armed group continues to attract the Turkish army to the region for settling their decades-long disputes.

Turkey views the PKK as a "terrorist organization" while the Kurdish armed group has positions across the border areas of Kurdistan Region for years, ignoring calls by the KRG to withdraw from its territory.

Tatar said that a number of public projects had been signed to be implemented in 12 villages, "but those projects have not been implemented so far because the PKK is present in the region and creates obstacles."

This comes a day after three PKK bombings targeted a vehicle of the Peshmerga forces in Akre district of Duhok province, leaving two Kurdish fighters killed and several more injured.

Wednesday's incident was not the first attack by the PKK on the Peshmerga forces. The armed group has carried out several more similar attacks on the Kurdish soldiers, often resulting in casualties and material damages.

Meanwhile, the Peshmerga Ministry's special teams have also managed to remove tens of kilograms of TNT laid by the PKK in the border areas of Kurdistan Region.

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