Iraqi PM Says Government Ready for Elections
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Iraqi PM Says Government Ready for Elections

ERBIL — The government and electoral commission of Iraq are ready to hold the parliamentary elections on 10 October as promised, said PM Mustafa Kadhimi.

Three weeks ahead of the polls, Iraq says it has almost concluded all the preparations, hoping to lay the ground for the long-promised reforms after the election despite a lot of skepticism.

During a cabinet meeting on Thursday, Kadhimi said the necessary equipment are availed for the electoral commission, and the security forces are ready to help a peaceful process.

He encouraged Iraqis to take part in the elections and play their role in leading the country towards administrative and political reform.

Meanwhile, Kadhimi promised to work with the international community to retrieve the Iraqi assets stolen after 2003 when the Baath Regime was toppled.

“Those who have taken Iraq’s funds to outside the country, will be dealt with through legal procedures,” he added.

Briefing the cabinet on his recent visit to Tehran, where he met with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Kadhimi said they have agreed to boost trade and economic partnership between the two neighbors.

Over 24 million Iraqis, with more than 1 million military personnel, are eligible to vote during the October elections, in which 3,244 candidates from 276 political entities are competing to win seats at the Iraqi legislature.

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