UNICEF and Baghdad University Join to Support Child Rights in Iraq
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UNICEF and Baghdad University Join to Support Child Rights in Iraq

BAGHDAD (UNICEF) — A new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed today by the University of Baghdad - College of Education for Women (UoB/CoEduW) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as part of UNICEF efforts to strengthen relations and developing partnerships with Iraqi universities and scientific and educational institutions. In a spirit of enhanced cooperation and collaboration, both UNICEF and UoB/CEduW agree to implement joint activities aimed at enhancing knowledge and capacities in the field of Child Rights in Iraq. UNICEF will contribute with technical expertise and improve collaboration with Iraqi scientific and educational institutions to increase knowledge and capacities fulfilling children’s rights in Iraq.

The University of Baghdad – College of Education for Women and UNICEF will cooperate to promote children’s rights in the following strategic areas: (1) produce research papers on the rights and development of children, adolescents, and youth; (2) organize seminars and conferences about issues of children’s rights and development; (3) prepare, present and institutionalize training courses for researchers and students in areas related to child development.

To implement these 3 strategic areas, UNICEF and University of Baghdad worked closely and developed an implementation action plan for this year and next year.

On his part, the Dean of the College of Education for Women/ University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Ishaq Saleh Al-Akkam, expressed his pleasure to open the horizons of scientific and knowledge cooperation between the Iraqi educational institutions and UNICEF, to enhance the frameworks of interaction and integration in the fields of scientific research, dialogue and capacity building in line with the horizons of transformation in the fields of knowledge. “This relationship constitutes a more comprehensive framework for cooperation in the fields of childhood and achieving human security for society,” stated Prof. Dr. Ishaq Saleh Al-Akkam.

“UNICEF is happy to work hand by hand with the College of Education for Women to jointly generate evidence and research that will support the strengthening of child rights in Iraq” stated UNICEF Iraq Deputy Representative, Ms. Paula Bulancea.

This MoU and collaboration between UNICEF and University of Baghdad will support Educational and Scientific Institutions in evidence generation, building their capacities to support national programmes and international organizations with national expertise and research to inform national policies and strategies.

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